The Maps as a Medium seminar was held on 23 February at the self-organised art space, U10. Through lectures by experts, multimedia presentations, examples of best practice and open discussion the programme aimed to introduce the history of maps, their contemporary use and the potential they have for use as a medium. The seminar primarily sought to attract students and professionals with a range of backgrounds but also all those who see maps in a broader context and as a medium for their artistic or social engagement.

logo1The Belgrade Sound Map project was initiated with the aim of mapping, recording and presenting the narrative heritage of urban communities. Since the project began in 2012 the team has been conducting research in those urban communities that have a historical continuity throughout the development of modern Belgrade; those parts of the city that were once separate administrative units. As Belgrade grew and developed, those administrative divisions are no longer clearly defined, which is why they merit research and renewed contextualisation not only through official documents but also through the memory of the communities they once delineated. The project is designed to be a flexible model that can be implemented in other cities.
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logo1Architecture for Locals. The idea behind this project is to the inform residents living in Belgrade’s architecturally significant but neglected and undervalued Modernist buildings of the importance of these nowadays largely residential buildings. This will be done by placing plaques in thirty or so selected buildings across five city districts. The aim of the project is to inform residents of the historical value of the buildings they inhabit, their original appearance, their architectural value and about the architects responsible for their design, including examples of the architects’ other works. The plaques would be enhanced with additional information on the architects and the buildings themselves, which will be made available online and in the form of a printed brochure for residents of the selected buildings and other interested parties.

logo1My Neighbourhood. This initiative arose from the need to create a platform mapping and bringing together information on the neighbourhoods, districts and communities of Belgrade. The long-term goal is to combine different media and sources of information to create a unique social atlas of the city, the completion of which will involve the direct participation of the residents of local communities. Participants will be invited to define the boundaries of their own communities and completed drawings of these outlines will be made freely available.

As the process of collecting content for the Sound Maps project involved three years of intensive collaboration with local residents, we are in a position to say that our research has shown that the sense of belonging to a particular community is very strong and that it is a pronounced mark of self-identification. Thus was born the idea to commit to deeper research of these local identities with the aim of exploring new interpretations of the social history and the development of the city.

The first phase of the project was realised during the 2nd Belgrade Hackathon, held in May 2014, when members of the “Tačka komunikacije” (Communication Point) association developed the initial concept in cooperation with a newly formed team of designers and programmers.