The Tačka komunikacije organisation is able to use its extensive experience and the professional qualifications of its members and associates to offer a broad range of services including training, presentations, seminars, consulting services and executive production in the following areas:

Cultural Project Management

Services include offering key skills relevant to the realisation of projects in the cultural sphere, such as tracking a project through its entire lifecycle and including all requisite fundamental elements (conception, fundraising, planning, evaluation, supervision and completion).

Event Planning

Organisation of cultural events including: festivals (theatrical, film, music, multidisciplinary, etc.), exhibitions, panels, musical events, conferences, workshops, and so forth.

Public Relations

Services include: creation of promotional strategies, media planning, PR, marketing, etc.

Radio Production

Services offered include production of content and training of relevant skills for technical and creative production of radio programming.

Cultural Tourism

Services include the design and realisation of bespoke or themed guided tours across Belgrade and the design and management of projects in the field of cultural tourism.

Management of Online Projects

Services include user interface design and the realisation of new media projects in the cultural sphere.

For more information on our services please contact Virdžinija by email: